By 2025, it could be worth 14 billion and, in the best case

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By 2025, it could be worth 14 billion and, in the best case

Last week end of America Next Top Model Cycle 15, I thought this cut of exit interviews throughout the years was appropriate. Above are some of the more self aggrandizing examples that being eliminated has produced so many of these girls vow to us that we see them again and that they be as big as Tyra Banks promised. How many of the 50 or so girls above have made good on that promise? The answer, of course, is virtually zero (I guess Fatima has done all right?). I don know if that makes this video hilarious or so, so sad (but I thinking it the latter).

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Designer Fake Bags This is just the start for the sharing economy in Italy. A study by the University of Pavia, published by Luciano Canova and Stefania Migiavacca, estimated its turnover in Italy as 3.5 billion euros. By 2025, it could be worth 14 billion and, in the best case scenario, exceed 25 billion. A prospect which defines circularity as a key driver for the future growth of the Italian economy. Designer Fake Bags

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