Some are saying that Dawn has lost between an incredible 3 and

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Some are saying that Dawn has lost between an incredible 3 and

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Designer Replica Bags Last year, around the time of her split and divorce from fellow comedian Lenny Henry, Dawn was at her heaviest but still looked beautiful as always. However when she attended Glamour Magazine’s “Women of the Year” award ceremony recently, she was seen to be considerably slimmer. Wearing one of her usual all black yet extremely glamorous outfits, it was obvious to all that a lot of the weight she had carried for so long had disappeared. Her face was looking more defined, her cheekbones more prominent and her hair looking glossy and gorgeous. Some are saying that Dawn has lost between an incredible 3 and 5 stone and are trying to speculate as to how she has done it but she said she has simply been “trying to be a little healthier”. Either way we think she looks great, inspires so many plus size women and most of all seems happier than ever. Designer Replica Bags

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