The prime con of marble base table is that they are very heavy

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The prime con of marble base table is that they are very heavy

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replica Purse Although buying a marble dining table are big investments but, without any exception or alternative, marble dining tables are always showstoppers. Tables built up from imported quality marble are incredibly captivating. If you actually fall in love with one then buy it without any guilt. The timeless appeal of marble will helps it to survive every fashion and trend. But, just like every coin has two side, a table with marble top comes with few drawbacks too. The prime con of marble base table is that they are very heavy and bulky. The next thing is that marble table requires a lot of maintenance as they can stain or crack at any point in time. You can take the assistance of the table cloth and mats to avoid the stains while having your meal or before serving any drink or food item with which you can think that the charm of the table can get affected. replica Purse

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